Texting a girl everyday - does it just get to be habit?

I really liked this guy, and for two weeks straight he texted me basically all day everyday, getting to know a lot about each other. Then all of a sudden, he asked my best friend out. He called her absolutely amazing and gave her a rose on the date.

But she rejected him and he figured out that it was because she was so prideful that she wanted to date someone more handsome instead of committing to him. He also heard some other things about her (that were true) and decided he'd never want to date her even if she was really into him again.

... And I was still in the background. He had stopped talking to me after asking her out, so he later called me to apologize for being a jerk to me but he didn't want to lead me on so he stopped talking to me.

After that, he started talking to me and texting me everyday again. But this time having actual important conversations, and he's been telling me more personal stuff about himself. When he called me to apologize before, I didn't tell him I liked him, it was just that I was hurt by both my friend and a little hurt that he stopped talking to me because I thought we were just friends. I said that I was fine with him dating her, but I still wanted to be his friend.

But I'm pretty sure he knows I like him now- yet he's still texting me everyday. It's been about 2 months since this happened, and he's still texting me. If he was so careful about not wanting to lead me on before, why is he doing it now? Or could he actually be starting to like me? Or is texting me just a habit for him now and he really doesn't have feelings for me?


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  • Unless he's flirting with you, I'd say you're just his friend.


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