Super confused with this girl was/might still be dating???

ok so we started dating and all was good. First girl I actually dated in a while. I was in a long term (engaged) relationship and just got to where I was ready. She has a baby and hasn't heard from the dad since she found out she was prego, decided it was time to date. But long story short, I mad her mad. Over thinking some stuff and asked her if she was dating her friend after she told me they are just friends. That happened about a week ago. Got her some flowers and kissed her butt and thought things were good. but on like Wednesday she told me just wanted to be friends. Said that she just wasn't ready to date yet. Just to much with having a kid right now for her. Wants her baby to be a little older so it would be easier to go do stuff. But anytime we hung out she brought the baby so it wasn't an inconvenience in the terms of finding a sitter... just not sure what's going on here. She puts of some signals like she still wants to date. I think she is just scared of getting hurt so she broke it off. But I told her after a while, so that she doesn't think I'm after one thing, that I'm not wanting just a fling and that I'm looking long term. I really like this girl and am dumb founded by what's going on.


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  • She wants to date but she's worried about dating a dude like you... someone who's already jealous of other men in her life after only a few dates. Those are HUGE red flags that you're not really ready to meet new women.

    Realize that when you're dating a mother that you're NEVER going to be her number one concern, you'll always be second fiddle. The baby will always have to come first, for ever.

    If you can take a step back, deal with past inner insecurities that you might have that are making you jealous or needy... and if you are accepting that you'll always be second best in her life, THEN maybe you have a chance at building her attraction again.

    But it's likely easier to just develop your inner game some more and meet someone else who's more "available" for a guy like you.

    Breast of luck!

    ~ Robby

    ( My Blog: link )

    • See that's the thing. I'm not a jealous person. Never have been. The only reason

      I told her is because she wouldn't l my answer of its just something silly and not to worry about it. She knew something was up and kept asking. So I told her and we've dated for about a month. Not just a few times

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