Girl stopped flirting after I asked her out?

And she said yes and we have plans set and she seems pretty enthusiastic. She used to flirt with me every single time she saw me in class; now, she mostly ignores me and tries not to look at me. And yet I just texted her a couple days ago and she seemed pretty excited about the date, which is in a week. She's done this for a week.

Then again, I admit I've done similar things. I haven't gone out of my way to talk to her. This is because I don't want to ruin the atmosphere of the date, if you get what I'm saying. It's kind of like...I want the next time we talk to each other to be on the date, that way there's stuff to talk about. Maybe she's thinking the same thing? Maybe she's just more nervous and self-conscious now? Is that good or bad?

But, seriously, I texted her a couple days ago and she seems really excited. But when I saw her in person after that, same thing she's been doing.


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  • text her about it,ask her if you are still on for the date,if she says yes tell her great and tell her you would like to be more talkative at school with her

    • we're definitely on, like I said, even in the middle of all this behavior, 2 days ago she seemed really excited through text.

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  • Try to relax. Don't brush aside your gut feelings, but don't panic, even though we guys are tempted to sometimes.

    Follow procedure--if she still wants to go out with you, she'll be there on time and be cheery. If she's more than 15 minutes late without letting you know, remember to leave, and if she tries to reschedule or delay it because something just *happened* to come up at the last minute, remember to cancel it instead of going along.

    And above all, have something else planned! So if she shows, great, try to have the best time possible. If not, forget it.

    No worries!

    • This guy's got it all down pat ^U^

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    • so do you know why she's stopped flirting? Is it for the reasons I said, that maybe now our whole "thing" is at a different stage now, so it's no longer "harmless" flirting?

    • Who knows? It's not important. We can't read minds--that's what procedure is there for, to guide us, haha. Amateurs and experts can improvise, the rest of us in-between follow procedure for best results.

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