What is he thinking? Men, could you possibly give me some insight?

Alright, so I dated this guy for about a month and then after our 4th date he just disappeared. I made a few attempts to make contact with him, but he never responded so I went about my life. I knew he was still alive because he never deleted me from his Facebook so I figured he just wasn't interested anymore. Well 5 weeks go by without so much as a peep from him. Last Saturday I was out with my friends and it was about 10:30 and I get a text from HIM that says "Hey" I waited a few minutes to respond because I was so taken aback by it. I responded with "Hey...How are you?" And his reply was "Thinking about you" I asked him what kinds of things he was thinking and I got no response. That was 6 days ago. He lives about 70 miles from me so I know it wasn't a booty call text, but it's certainly left me a little confused as to why he would text me after 5 weeks of silence and then not respond after HE text me...Men...I need your expertise lol


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  • That's super weird... normally that sounds like a booty call.

    The closer to the weekend a guy contacts you, especially when it's late, the more obvious his intentions... he's saying, "Hey, I don't like you at all BUT if you respond to this late night text message then perhaps you're open to something dirty? I've also bulked messaged this same message to all the women on my phone..."

    Ignore it.

    What good could come from a guy like this? He waits 5 weeks then desperately tries contact late at night on a weekend? Pathetic.

    It doesn't matter what his intentions are, it only matters what his actions are.

    You deserve better,

    ~ Robby

    • If he lived closer I would have considered it a booty call as well. Either way, I agree with what you're saying. I feel if he were trying to reestablish a connection he would have made a sincere effort in doing so. Thank you for your answer and your kind words :)

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  • That is strange. His silence after starting the texting himself suggests it cud have been a "wrong number". May be the text was not meant for you. Sorry. Just thinking about the options.

    • Aww, no need for sorry :) Nobody knows a guy better than a guy so I appreciate your honest answer. He very well could have texted me by mistake...who knows how many girls he's been talking to lol Thanks for your insight :)

    • Thank YOU for taking that answer in a pleasant way. I hope someone more serious and nicer comes your way soon.

  • The same thing happened to me but the girl texted me "Hey!" and then wouldn't respond. He's not interested just like my girl wasn't. Just forget about that guy and move on.

    • Doesn't that just suck?! Guys and girls both need to get it together...ugh lol Moving on sounds like a plan...thanks :)

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