Does third date as movie says red flag to you?

He asked me out for a dinner first date and asked for second date right after the date. Second date is dinner again and he was drinking a lot and took me to his place and tried to kiss me. I had doubts in his intention so I rejected his kiss. He didn't act frustrated or anything, he then held hands with me and walked me to my car.

Few days later he asked me out to third date for lunch and movie.

Does that mean all he wants is sex? Because you don't really have to talk in the movie and lunch is short? Also he only made one phone call so far and that's for the first date. Since then he only text when making plans


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  • All you do is think think think think and think? Guys like sex so get over it. Guys will always want sex but that has NOTHING to do with the date choice and he seems patient and kissing does not mean it will lead or equate to sex. Sorry but you need to grow up.

    • A seated kiss at his house alone surely would lead to make out and then sex..

      and the fact that he only text to make plans and when we meet he won't even ask how was your week makes me doubt his intention

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    • good advice! by the way I sent you a friend request. because I know the person who commented was you :)

    • But I must have a good timing... because I can't have this convo with him at his place.. I'm currently out of town so I won't see him much later on

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  • you worry and thing to much !

    "don't really have to talk in the movie and lunch is short" really now ? of course he wants sex, we all do, but I cannot be sure if he has a diabolic mind and when he picked "move and lunch" he did it with this purpose.

    believe me, when we, guys, take it too easy it is also a problem: "doesn't he like me?, doesn't he find me attractive? is he gay? does he miss his ex?"

    so take it easy. chill out :)

  • come on he probably drank so much because he was celebrating not being rejected by you. and to me going to the movies is pretty cool because you get to sit next to each other and hug and give a little kisses on the forehead. that's what I do to my girl lol give him a chance. but drinking a lot on a date doesn't sound appealing at all.

    • Yes it wasn't appealing, and I realize he was too drunk, so I'm agreeing to the third date to give him another chance. The thing that worries me is he never call. He only text when he is making plans

    • well let the 3rd date be the judgement date I guess. see how he behaves and what he says and also if he tries to touch your privates or whatever. you gotta make sure before you break it off.

  • Uh,no.

    The sign a date is for sex is when the date is 'why don't you come over later and we'll watch a movie'.

    Any 'out of the house' date is a normal date.


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  • I think as long as its not a movie on the first date its fine. You should just go and see what happens.


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