What do you make of this situation? She seemed distant after I stayed?

I have this thing where I always pick up on the negatives of situations and this morning I'm doing it again.

So Thursday night, this girl I've been meeting up with was out with her friends, she sends me a text saying that her friend is putting her up again for the weekend again, over the next few texts she basically says she's had a few to drink, she's staying there at the moment and it's not the same without me to cuddle up to. And joke about the bed from last time we stayed. she then asks if I want to stay there on Friday, I said yes if she still wants me to on the night. To which she replied, I'll always want you to, you're always welcome to stay with me

Last night (Friday) my friends went home so I went to the pub she was in, she came over had a chat and I went and joined her friends, went to a club, danced a little and kissed a little then she said the offers still open. Went back there, sat on the sofa talking for a little bit with another drink she curled up against the arm of the chair so I couldn't get very close, and she fell asleep mid conversation (pretty gutted) anyway this morning we sat on the sofa talking a bit, just about random different things and our different plans for tonight, and she was sort of distant, like she was sat there next to me scrunched up in a ball leaning away from me. The other time she was cuddling up to me but this time she seemed like she didn't want to know. When I left she offered me a lift home, but I had a few things to do in town so I said I'd walk. She saw me out the door, and I went to give her a kiss and she only made it possible for me to kiss her cheek, (she didn't move her head at all and just looked forward with a slight smirk) where as last time she actually leaned into it.

I don't know if I'm over thinking things or what but this morning I just feel like she didn't want me there as the last time she was sort of the same but she was hanging and she'd only had 3 hours sleep and had work, but the time before that it was the opposite, cuddled up to me in the morning, kissed me goodbye and sort of 'coupley' so I don't know what she's thinking now


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  • She probably was hungover, in basically a monster if my head is pounding, she most likely felt like this and that's not really kiss or cuddle time, you kind want to be left alone because you feel sick. It literally has no reflection on her feelings for you, just too much booze


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  • just ask her. I'm exactly like you and found the only way to keep my sanity is to ask straight up what the deal is. be like 'You seemed a little distant the other day, everything ok?'


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  • It's possible that she woke up still drunk / hungover and felt disgusting so she kept her distance. That would make sense to me.


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