Guys-what is it you like about kissing a girl?

More of in an innocent there something girls do when kissing that you love or maybe a certain way she looks at you when you are about to kiss?

What I really really like about kissing a guy is how the look on his face turns into a soft look the split second before he kisses me. Drives me insane, it's the sweetest thing ever.


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  • for me its too things:

    1) I'm a big guy, and I'm very physical so I love it when a girl jumps in my arms right before I kiss her.

    2) the second after you pull away when you can feel her smile, that's bliss right there

    • Ohh yeah I agree, the second after pulling away gets 2nd place for me. Haven't tried jumping into a guys arms then kissing him but I imagine it would be bliss as well.

    • You should try it, its a rush for both: men feel powerful and strong, and women feel secure and protected :)

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