Why would he purposely fake that his phone was sending messages?

If I didn't respond, he would send the same text over and over and claim it was his phone. And when I finally said, what are you doing, he says I'm drunk. Then proceeded to talk to me about how he felt. Didn't admit he likes me, but it was 1:30 am and I decided if wasn't going to tell me anything relevant...I was going back to sleep.

And I know he was sending me the same messages over on purpose because he sent them over and over throughout 10-15 minutes. Aflgain...didn't tell me he liked me...


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  • sooo let me get this straight. He sends you the same text messages (whatever they are) to you over and over again. Blames his phone (which might be possible, phones are weird sometimes), then if you don't respond he re sends them over and over again?

    ... what an impatient little sh*t. lol


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  • It could actually be his phone. I have a friend who's phone will send me the same message up to 6 times over 30 mins. And it's a girl that is like my sister. It's a legit thing. Though if he was drunk he could have sent it twice thinking he hadn't yet and had the phone mess up. People do stupid things when drunk

  • He was drunk... enough said. When you're drunk you do things without thinking twice, his behavior is no exception.


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