Why would you deny liking someone?

I'm in an odd situation. I'm talking to my ex again, who was my girlfriend for around 4 months. We were perfect for each other and it was both of our first relationships, but immaturity on my part and seriousness ruined it. I cried, begged for her back, etc, and then We didn't talk for a while, and each time we tried to talk again I'd bring up the relationship and explained myself but it changed nothing, she was done. The relationship was stessful on her, we didn't argue everyday, but I picked fights and it was enough...

Recently we started talking again... Anyway one day she messages me saying we should talk about things and so we did. Prior to this she had opened up and told my friend she still really liked me and wanted to talk to me again, so I asked if she liked me. She pretty much texted me "Who told you that? Tell me! No I don't have those feelings, it doesn't mean I still don't want to talk to you again." Mind you this was over text... So I'm not entirely sure if she had meant it or said it to avoid complicating things. I sort of made it clear I still liked her... Anyway, almost everything else she does is contradictory... All of my friends say she always looks at me still, even after we're talking again (so its not cause she misses me), and that they can tell she still likes me. As opposed to acting super friendly the way she usually does with friends, whenever I see her in the halls she either looks at me and smiles or looks away... When we text each other I purposely flirt and she even flirts back... And she texts me first a lot as well. What gets me is, why deny your feelings? Or am I just making myself believe this? When I say she called me perfect when we were together I mean it.


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  • How old are y'all? ten? lol. She might be shy or embarrassed and doesn't want to admit her feelings or let them be known to you. In case she might think that you don't like her or that her friends or everyone might disapprove. I would ask her straight out and tell her that you like her and you could go on a date and tell her that if she doesn't even want to admit her feelings when you already know then if she does then you're not going to press the issue or try anymore because you need someone who wants to be with you and not someone who hides it. so hope it helps.

    • Im 18 she's 17 loool. And yeah... In person, where its impossible to deny the truth. I just haven't got the opportunity : /

    • ^_^ maybe there will be a chance for you to confront her. there is always a window.

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  • There are many reasons why someone would deny liking someone. Some do it because, they don't want to get hurt again. And, then some do it for financial reasons, as some people get benefits and if they are with someone, the big guy guv wants their pay check too. Or, they could be seeing others, and just wants to balalnce the field and not keep all their eggs in one basket.


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