How can you tell if she's giving you her number as a friend or date?

Question: how can you tell when a girl's offering her phone number as friends or as a possible date?

Background: so, after a class where we had been divided into teams, I ditched my team early, found her team, followed, waited until she was heading to her car, and finally got to talk to her. She was in a class with me last semester, but we literally never actually spoke. This semester, we met, and I've talked to her maybe 12 minutes total over three class meetings or so.

So, looking like a stalker, I literally chased to catch up with her, and pretended I was going that way anyway... anyway, we're on opposite mock trial teams, and I playfully/seriously was trying to get some info out of her what her team will do on the upcoming case, offering her a question in return if she answered mine. Anyway, she laughed and acted pretty amused. I finally found an opening and commented, "So little time to talk during class. Hey, I don't suppose I could get your number?" She agreed and made some comment I didn't get, "Yeah, haven't we had a lot of classes together?" We've only had one.

Anyway, I did text her later that night making a joke about the case. (mainly so she'd have my number.) And she replied back lightly.

Me: "Hey, don't mention to anyone that I said we're calling Quincy, my team would be ticked, lol."

Her: "Oops? :/" Then a minute later. "Haha, just kidding, I didn't think anything about it."

Anyway, does that seem more like friend or possible date? I hate to sound so unsure, but I had a horrible "we're just friends/well we can go out" experience recently...


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  • Seems friendly, but not hopeless. I think she needs to get to know you better.


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  • Only time will tell, as my Grandfather always likes to say. Just take everything slow, and see how things look in a little while.

    • So, too early to do the 'let's have coffee' thing?

    • I wouldn't think so. But, don't try to make it into a date or anything.

  • Since you asked for her number, there's a big chance that she did it just to be friendly, but you can change that :)

    • Lol, well, any specific tips I should keep in mind?

    • ... it's sounds like you're doing reasonably well so far :) keep it, but don't be oppressive, ok? Give her room. And at your own discretion, ask her out. But if she says no, she means no. In fact don't be overly friendly to start with, try not to get yourself friend-zoned. :)

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  • what I do is just ask for her number, I don't tell her what I want it for, I just ask for it.

    then you can make it go wherever you want from there.

    since she didn't give it to you as just a friend(cause you didn't specify why you wanted it), she'll be open to whatever you decide. cause I mean, she already gave it to you, so just flirt a little after and see where it goes.

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