Going out with a friend....any hints?

I suppose going out with a friend on a date is different than going out with a stranger on a date. I'm not even sure if this is a date or a hangout, but I basically planned the whole thing and I'm picking her up from her house and taking her there and stuff. It's been a bit strange because ever since I asked her out, we've both been playing it extremely cool, hardly talking to each other or looking at each other. Before we used to touch each other a lot and flirt. I wasn't even sure if she even wanted to anymore, but from the last text it seemed like she does and might even be anticipating it a little.

Any hints on what I should do on this date? I feel more relaxed and confident and happy than ever so I feel like if I just keep this attitude when we go, then things will work out.


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  • Being her friend, you'll kinda know what she does or doesn't like, or the things she usually does. And I think being relaxed, confident, and happy during your date is perfect! Just relax, and act the way you normally would around her.

    Good Luck on your date : ) I'm sure it will be lovely.

    • she's not a friend enough where I know those things. I'm thinking now that friend is too strong a word.

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  • If you manage to escape from the friend zone, you better share the story of your journey

    • I think "friend" is too strong of a word. I was interested in her, but within one or two meetings I found out she had a boyfriend, so I kind of stayed on the periphery, talking to other girls, only interacted with her to flirt and tease. Then her boyfriend dumped her.

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    • oh, no way I'm a rebound. She was dating him for 5 years, but he dumped her a year ago. And we've barely interacted since then until recently.

    • Oh that's fine then, good luck

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