Why is it hard to believe that an average guy can date a beautiful woman?

Like I really don't see myself with a girlfriend or dating an average or beautiful girl. I always see girls dating more than guys and always it's a girl choice since woman are approached and woman do the choosing. So it looks kinda hard to believe than I can land a beautiful girlfriend. or a girl I like.
Just want to add please people especially ladies don't be politically correct.


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  • Your first sentence says it all. Obviously if you allow yourself to "believe" a certain way, especially in the dating arena, you're going to start limiting yourself a lot to what you only think you CAN get. People often go after what they only allow themselves to get because of their mindset. There's no such a thing of a 'league' in my book, or someone you think is too 'good' for you. Just because one is beautiful doesn't make them more superior in which you think it would make them any different from an average woman.

    • Best answer-you believe something then it will become the truth.

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    • Are you talking about pikachu lover or me? If anything, I should be the one mad, you guys are spamming the sh*t out of me >.>

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  • Insecurity and society makes people believe that but its untrue, Beautiful girls can easily date a nice normal guy and not a hot one, many do. its about chemistry and personality...i'd choose an average guy any day, the averageness is so cute!

  • You will never know until you try. Just try and ask the girl you ar attracted to right now. If she said no then it's not the end of the world.

  • It is not hard to believe. Girls usually perfer a guy for his personality. Looks are important, but attitude and charm hold our attention longer. This is one difference between men and women.

  • The thing is... good looking guys go out with good looking girls and good looking girls go out with average guys, but very rarely do good looking guys go out with average girls.

    So even if you're just an average guy, you still have a pretty good chance. I'm not sure if that's because girls are insecure or desperate, but I think that's the way it is most of the time.


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  • I have a cousin that is 5'2", horrible teeth (been smoking since he was a young teen), skinny as hell, really not a looker at ALL, and actually quite poor. By all means he should find it impossible to even land an average girl. He however is one of the funniest and best guys I have ever met. I always have an AWESOME time when am with him. He has the absolute best stories. He is just the f***ing man. So even though this guy is undatable on most aspects he still pulls some gorgeous women and it's all thanks to his kick-ass personality.

  • you believe what becomes the truth for yourself


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