Does he like me, or is he just being nice?

I'm 22 and he is 23, we met in our drama class, at first I wasn't really attracted to him but the more I talked to him the more I liked him, we always talk when we see each other in class which is once a week, we usually get paired together Because we have a chemistry and friendship, I told him that he said " for sure". well we went to an event where our class is held and it seemed that he was flirting with me, always coming back to were I was standing by me, talking to me extra. well he asked me that night to friend him on Facebook, I did, he didn't message me, then yesterday we IMed, he asked me about a trip I took, we talked about class and he had to go to work so he gave me his number and said to text him if I wanted, and he'd talk to me soon and have a good night. well while we were texting we made each other laugh, and he told me ( he's a pizza delivery guy) that he doesn't text and drive so if he didn't reply for a bit that was why. we texted for like 45 mins. I told him to be safe he said " always". does this mean he likes me? or is he just being nice.


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  • its more like you like him but well he could be coming as friendly to. why don't you be a little more friendly with him intiate extra hangouts or perhaps even invite him ova to a friends party. he bound to pick on your hints & respond back

    p.s he seems he likes you cause he had the courtesy to actually say wen he driving he won't respond. most guys would rather throw that as a game playing chasing tactic


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