How to tell if it's a date or not?

Let's just call the people going A(boy) B(girl) and C(boy). A and B are dating and want me to date C. C knows they want us to get together. So B invites me and C to see a movie with her and A. C says "oh you guys are still trying to get us together huh" and B says well you guys would be cute! and C agreed to go. it a date...or what...that wasn't too confusing was it?
Okay let's try this again. Bob and Jane are dating and invited me and Joe to go with them. Jane and Bob think Joe and I should go out. Jane invited us to go to the movies and Joe said "oh you're still trying to get us together huh" and Jane said "well youd make a cute couple" and Joe agrees to go too. Is it a date..? Or just going to the movies...?


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  • sounds like a date to me.

  • ABCCBCA is what I got from this story

    • I gave names this time, better?

    • You're just going to the movies as friends at this point

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