Clueless.. What shall I do?

Well, there is this one girl... I met her not this past Friday, but the Friday before this one. It was at a big rivalry High School football game. Well at the end of the game, and as I was about to leave with my friends, a friend that is a girl called me to go there with her, so I was like sure why not. Next thing you know she has 3 of her friends with her, and then she said something along the lines of this: "Yeah, my friends want to meet you!", ended up giving them all a handshake said hi talked a bit and left to go out to eat right after. But I remembered one of the girls names that I thought she was beautiful! Didn't think that any of them liked me, so yeah the days went on until Monday, where I had went back to school, and I saw my friend the one that introduced me to them, was like yeah Victoria think's "you're cute". So I was like oh hey that was the one I thought was the cutest of the group. Decided to add her on Facebook, since she didn't go to the same school as me. And that same day, I decided to message her and eventually asked for her number like this:

"Would rather ask you in person, but you livee far away!

Haha, might sound awkward, bad, creeper... but like I'd love it if you can fill in the blanks, if you know what I mean!



I got her number and texted her that same night, we ended up texting till like 2 AM, and then we texted throughout the whole school day, you know it felt good, thinking that we had a thing for each other. We ended up talking the whole next day which was yesterday, and it just so happened that when I asked my friend if she had a boyfriend, he said yes. Didn't know if it was true, so I was like minus well find out myself, so I decided to ask her and the response I got was:

"Well, I am talking to someone!(:"

Right then and there I was like Sh**! Like my heart sunk, and I felt really incredibly sad knowing that she was already talking to someone else. I ended up asking her later if she was waiting for him to ask her out, and she ended up saying No, I don't want a boyfriend cause of her previous boyfriend who had treated her like crap. I quickly changed the topic since it was already midnight and I just complimented her randomly saying:

"Have to say this; When I was first introduced to you at the game, I couldn't help but think in my mind how beautiful you were."

She ended up replying like it was a bad thing saying:

"Why are you so nice?..."

And then soon after she just ended up knocking out on me, and then I texted her with the typical "Good Night and Sweet Dreams Victoria!(:"

Haven't texted her this whole day, I'm scared thinking that she might not be interested or that I'd come off as annoying if I text her a lot or too much. Help me, don't know what to do, and all I can really say is that I kind of like her a lot. More than I expected. :'(


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  • We'll first of all if she is talking to the other guy but doesn't want anything formal with him you have to take into account that the same thing might happen to you she might just be trying to be friendly

    • Eh, sort of true, but what shall I do after? :o

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    • Guessing if she doesn't reply she's not interested, and I should just move on?

    • not exactly some girls just like to be chased to see how much your really interested and I would try again or even if you see her just say something nice and see how she reacts if she does not seem interested you should move on

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  • text her and say,' I don't want to intrude on your interest if you have one, with this other fella, but id be interested to take you out sometime, so let me know if you change your mind about this other guy, and want to start seeing me!' see how she responds.

    • I'll give it a bit, we've only been talking for 2 days straight. I kinda don't want to text her like bam, boom, and pow every chance I get. Even though I would love to text her as much as I can. -.-

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