Best anniversary date.

What is the best anniversary date you have been taken on or taken someone on?


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  • My brother showed up at his girlfriend's place on their third anniversary. He had made her a jar of 1095 papers saying, "I love you." Then he gave her 36 reasons that he loved her, on slightly larger papers. Then the jar said, "And three words: I. Love. You." (this represents the days, months, and years). I can't recall what else he did for her.

    Another anniversary, he showed up with a half-dozen roses. She thought he was too cheap to buy a whole dozen... until he told her that she had to go find the other six. He and his brother had planted them at special places, the site of their first meeting, first date, first kiss, etc.

    He went through hell and high water to personally design her engagement ring, asked her parents for her hand in marriage, and tried to make sure she was surprised (she was). He proposed during the sixth year of their courtship.

    Then my favorite story: For their first wedding anniversary, the paper anniversary, he stayed home all day and made every single dish that they had had at their wedding. This they ate while listening to a CD he had compiled of every song from their wedding. He lit a thousand candles throughout the house and strew rose petals everywhere. A path of rose petals led her up to the bedroom, where he had crafted a heart out of paper. He also gave her a large, blown-up copy of their wedding photo (the one to appear on the thank yous)... but when you looked at the photo, it was actually comprised of hundreds of smaller pictures from the wedding, of their friends and family, "So we can always remember that those people are a part of us." Please note how all of this relates directly to the paper anniversary!

    He's so thoughtful with her it makes me sick!


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  • I've never been on one, but the best anniversary date in my eyes would be one huge adventure by traveling to a surprise place!


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