Girls, does a guys socio economic status matter to you when it comes to dating?

Would it matter if a guy is from poor middle or upper class in society to you?


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  • Honestly- him coming from upper class might put me a little on edge simply because I'm from a middle-class blue collar family. I might worry I wouldn't fit into his world or he wouldn't fit into mine and that we'd have different fundamental values which would mean it couldn't work...

    But, I don't think I'd completely reject a guy just because he was upper class, I just might be more hesitant about it- I'm not the kind of girl who fits into upper society very well...

    As for poor- doesn't bother me much, as long as you plan on working and being a productive member of society, I'm less concerned. My best guy friend came from that back ground and he's worked hard to put himself through school, support himself during his apprenticeship, and I'm proud of him. If a guy I was interested in came from the same back ground and had a similar situation, why should I care?

    I don't need a man to support me or buy me things, that's why I work- I can save for that diamond necklace papercut2 mentioned and buy it myself (actually more likely it would be a new car right now lol). Much more satisfying that way!


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  • When you are young people expect you to be on the poorer side until you build something for yourself. My guy grew up with money I didn't but he lost everything and I still love him none the less

  • I've been in both situations, where my family's been somewhat comfortable, as well as living check to check, but mostly the latter. I appreciate the value of a dollar and am good with money. I've learned to be thrifty and not spend money foolishly. If the guy is better off than I am financially, he'll need to understand that, and not shove his money in my face. If he's on the lower end like myself and my family, then hopefully he understands why I don't like throwing money away just for fun and for the sake of owning material luxuries. Aside from the guy needing to be understanding (that being the key word in all of this), his financial situation wouldn't affect how I feel about him.

    Finding work is rough these days, so I get that a guy might not have a job for a while, or might have to work a crappy job or two before finding something better. BUT if he isn't at least making the effort to do some kind of work that helps him to meet his full potential, then we'll have a problem.

  • nope. I would actually feel intimidated if he came from a rich family, because I didnt.

    • So then it does matter to you if he was rich?

    • I read the question wrong lol. But even then, I've dated rich guys before, I just didn't feel as equal as them. But at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter, as long as the guy is someone I like.

  • Not really.


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  • Yeah it does, most female responses will probably be like ''No, I love a guy for him''

    That's the equivalent of ''I don't want any presents'' but they're expecting a diamond necklace

    Incoming hate btw

    • Every girl is different about that. You're totally stereotyping.

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    • lol men like you never get over this thinking. Has nothing to do with "imcoming hate" especially if you are living life in high school and parents house wathcing too much lifetime television and not real life



  • It's not so much class, but, a man must be able to carve out a living for himself to get the lady juices flowing.

    Food stamps and living with the parents are going to give a man a hard time on the market.

  • No.

    As long as he owns it.

  • I have to say, you would find 2 schools of thought if you ask the girls:

    1. Psychologically Teen/Early tweeners: They don't care about anything except for the physical attractiveness of the guy. They want to find their tall, handsome prince charming and that's that.

    2. Psychologically Later tweeners onwards: They realize physical appearance is not everything as the mortality of their beauty looms. For these women, things like a guy's socioeconomic status (ie. how much money he has) become important. They start marrying guys for status.

    3. Then there are girls in between these two extremes.


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