Which girl should I choose to date?

Girl 1: been trying since last year.. Finally think its going well but she stops and freaks out all the time Because she lost trust in me - we get along amazing together when it's good -- sex can't be topped - work at same company now - is very wealthy and selfish and runs away from things - has hopped to another guy that she wants to stay friends with now that we're trying again.

Girl 2:just met! Falling for me fast- is very relationship-oriented, sweet, but may not have a job after graduation because she needs citizen sponsoring -- it's hard to get. This would be a chance but it seems stable and possible - she doesn't seem as freaky as I am sexually either, but who knows how that will develop.

So it's known unstable but amazing lovers - or stable and take-a-chance at love
Ok - girls want feelings - I felt I really loved 1... At some point - really wish it would work but its uncertain if she'll trust me again... Number 2 I really enjoy so far.. Not sure about anything yet because it's so early.


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  • This is a typical "bad girl" vs "nice girl" scenario. Females have to do this with guys all the time, btw.


    Girl one imo is a "spark chaser"; she'll bail on you as soon as the initial spark starts to fade things start to get serious and comfortable.

    Frankly, I don't trust Girl one as anymore than a FWB. Her being "selfish and runs away from things", as well as her not having trust in you [whatever you did to do that], AND her hopping onto (no pun intended hehe) another guy...



    ...to me she seems very mentally and emotionally un-ready for a relationship.

    Girl 1, due to you losing her trust [whatever you did to do that] AND her being afraid of commitment, is frankly a girl that is VERY likely to cheat.


    Don't be like far too many of our fellow males, and be sprung on the good sex and date an unstable and untrustworthy girl, QA. The good sex won't be worth the emotional and mental turmoil.

    I would take the chance (aka, the citizenship sponsoring thing) and go for Girl 2.

    Plus she's more of a "blank slate" so you can mend her to fit your sexual needs. 8-)


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  • ... nowhere have you said how you feel about each girl.

    On paper, 2 sounds like the more sensible option, but it doesn't always work out that way.

  • 2 because you are gonna spend at least some time out of bed with the girl you date right? Haha then you should enjoy that time too, not only bed time

  • The second girl sounds sweet. It's your decision in the end though, no matter how many people comment on here. Which one do you think will make you happier?

  • girl 2.

    girl 1...eh...all bout the personally, that dosnt change, looks will

  • Girl 2. Trust me, unstable people take the fun out of relationships no matter how good they are in bed.


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