Going to his house for a movie, 3rd date?

Okay so Avengers is coming out and I just went out with this guy for our second date. He never made a move on me or anything. He's deff a gentleman. He gave me a hug good night nothing else.So going to his house for a movie during the day should be okay right? I'd me more unsure if he'd tried to make the moves on me but he's a really nice guy. So what do you guys think?


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  • Just be yourself , don't act all awkward it'll just make him uncomfortable . Go with the flow its obvious he has a thing for you or you two wouldn't be on your 3rd date . Respect yourself don't throw yourself at him , if anything I would just lean on him while watching the movie test the water. Have fun on your date (;

    • Thanks! I'm totally excited! I'm not that kind of girl, and I think he knows that. Hence why he hasn't tried to put the moves on me lol!

    • He sounds like a gentlemen, and sounds like he respects you a lot ! Haha got a keeper .

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