Why would he say he loved me but not date me?

Me and two of my other friends have recently had a disagreement with one of our guy friends which has ended with us not wanted to hangout with him. This weekend a mutual friend, which he is really close with, told me he came over to hers late at night really upset and was talking to her about it, which ended up with him crying about it. He told her that everyone keeps telling him he is really negative (which he is) and that he really doesn't want our friendships to end because of it. He then proceeded to tell her that he loves me and that I'm the only one that makes him happy- but she told me that he didn't mean it in a "he would date me" kind of way.

The point is I actually like him and one of our mutual friends has said he likes me too...so how can he love me and say that I'm the only who makes him happy though he wouldn't date me? I'm so confused. And I wouldn't admit myself liking him cause my close friend really dislikes him and it would create major drama. :)



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  • Probably doesn't want to date you incase the relationship goes sour and you won't be friends anymore.

    • so he cherishes our friendship more? why would he go out of the way to say he wouldn't date me? I feel regected lol.

    • Probably, because usually if it does go sour, then your entire group would be split up and take sides. This situation is pretty common. In my school something like this happened and the entire grade took sides, we ended up with two different formal after parties because of it lol.

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