What should my roommate do about her ex?

Short story: they dated for almost a year, he cheated on her for the last 3 months of their relationship with a girl (Ashleigh) he was friends with for a while. Started dating Ashleigh & texted my roommate "hey, I'm dating her now" but told all his friends a bunch of lies making my roommate look like the bad guy. Dates Ashleigh for 4-5 months and they just broke up a month ago. Now he's texting my roommate asking her how she's doing.

1. what is he doing? trying to get back with her or become friends with her or what?

2. should she flat out ignore him, tell him off, try to have a conversation about all the crap he pulled in the past year? I know my roommate REALLY wants to cuss him out lol.

**side note: after his "i'm dating her now" text they have not spoken to each other.

i know that she actually won't tell him off as much as she wants to but really I'm asking if she should completely ignore him, just tell him to leave her alone, actually see what he has to say, etc


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  • She should just move on... They both sound young and immature.

    • she doesn't want him back haha. I think she wants closure though

    • The closure is just moving on and learning. It can be painful which may linger for a while. The closure will happen when she is with a good catch.

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