Confused about girl I was dating. Moms with babies...

Ok so I was dating this girl for like 3 weeks. I really liked her and thought things were good. Just out of no where she said she just wanted to be friends. It was to much for her to date right now with work and caring for her baby. She wasn't ready to date like she thought. Does that sound like a load of bs to y'all or legitimate? I have a feeling she was just trying to be nice and find an excuse... :-/
Also the thing that throws me for a loop wondering all of this she maybe at some point we can try again... If it wasn't for that comment I would be sure it was an excuse. But then I dunno, she is the kind that doesn't like hurting others at all. Also she always brought her baby along, so never needed a sitter


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  • Let me break this down for you:

    This girl dated you for a brief period, she realized she doesn't see you as anything more than a friend and she ended it.

    She is falls into the category of about 80% of people. She used social niceties to tell you that she is not romantically in to you. The whole "maybe at some point we can try again", is just another social nicety. I have only wondered about whether something could work another time with a guy that I was wishing I could fall for but I just wasn't falling for. I have never faltered over a guy I am really in to.

    Oh, and the whole deal about her taking the baby along on your dates, blip, never do that again. If a girl isn't able to find someone to watch the baby so she can see you, she is definitely not ready to date.


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  • Once you have kids you'll find it's hard to juggle parenthood and a social life. But she could've been using the baby as an excuse,who knows.


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  • I think she was just being nice. In my experience with women, if a woman wants you, she'll juggle her schedule, make things work out so she can be with you. Otherwise she will give you the brush off in a nice way.

    Accept her at her word and move on. If she sees you with another woman and gets a reaction, then she was just fooling herself and lost out on you.

    • You are right about not only women, but men too. If a guy really is in to you, he will juggle all sorts of stuff to see you.

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