Tips for college dating-finding that sweetheart?

I have guys that are flirting with me, and I don't know the "protocol" for college dating. when is it exclusive? what's appropriate? any pda at all? just gimme some help please! because there's a guy, completely out of my league, and I so do not want to lose him!

sincerely, a very shy girl


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  • no you see that's one of teh great things about college...everyone is SO different. its like there aren't norms or things taht are "cool", its just a great, diverse place (at least where I am). so I don't think you should worry about rules and whatnot

  • No protocol for this, go up make your move and take him. If your confident direct and on your knees for the first meeting you will be official in getting a guy in college. Sorry I'm a guy so I'm on his perspective.


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