My one year is coming up but there's an issue.

My boyfriend and I will have been dating a year next week (the 1st) and there's a problem.

He had planned out this whole day for Saturday (I can't do anything on Monday because of school). We were going to see a romantic movie, go for a walk on the beach, eat a cheesecake (my favorite) and then go out to eat at the place where we had our very first date. It was going to be pretty much a medley of all the highlights of our past year all rolled into one. He's kind of a big romantic.

Anyway, I was super excited to go home this weekend from school and see him and celebrate this, but then he found out his family is going to visit his sister this weekend and won't be back till late Sunday night when I have to be back up at school.

I'm really not a romantic and don't keep track of the months, or anything, and I told him as long as we actually saw each other, he didn't have to do anything big. But he wanted to and told me about his plan and I was all excited. I was really excited for this because it's a year and I view that as a long time.

Now I can't help but get upset. I didn't yell at him over it because it's not his fault and he feels awful about it. I told him it was OK, and assured him I was fine.

But after we hung up the phone, I just started to cry. I've been looking forward to this for a very very long time. He said he'd try to drive up to see me Monday night for dinner, but that's not a guarantee and he probably won't be able to.

So...not sure what the question is here...but I do I not be sad? I'm super depressed right now. And I'm not sure if I'm being silly or not.


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  • Its pretty reasonable to be upset over something important like this, but just realize you and your boyfriend will have plenty, and I mean plenty, over other times where you will have fun and do something romantic. : ) Give yourself a limit of being depressed/sad for two days. Then the next day just do something to make yourself feel better. Think of all the positive : You and your boyfriend are still together. You will get to see him again. He isn't moving/nothing crazy is happening.

    Hope this helps !

    • True. I like the 2 day thing.

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