Guys: I'm 2 days late in replying to a date night?

I'm freshly new to dating. The guy asked me on Saturday for a date on Thursday. Here's the dialogue:


Him: Hey :) I'd really like to see you again... What do you think?

Me: Hey ___, I'd like that :)

Him: Me too :) Thursday works?

Me: (Accidentally sent drafted text)

Me: Oops! Meant to say, Thursday sounds good :)

Sunday Night (9pm):

Him: Cool! Let's meet in the afternoon, I'm assuming that'd work for you.


Still haven't written him back because my phone died in the early evening after a massive day of apartment hunting and didn't get back home until 10pm.

This means I'll have to send him a text on Tuesday.

So... I still haven't written back... Does this show disinterest? Or irresponsibility? I've always been taught not to text people after 9:30pm, so I still haven't written back. I also don't want to give him the age old excuse, "sorry, my phone died." Even though it did. What should I do? I also don't want to look ridiculously desperate in caring about what he thinks, though I do care. I already messed up with sending the drafted text. Is there a balanced way of approaching this? Any suggestions of what to say tomorrow? Or tonight if you think appropriate?

Thanks so much! :)

Mind you, this is a second date, too. I don't want to give off bad impressions...


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  • Just say the truth. "Hey am sorry for the late reply my phone died while I was apartment hunting yesterday. That works out, see you then?"

    • if it's not past 11 I think it's fine to text him, most people don't go to bed before 11.

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    • See it wasn't that big of a deal, you still got a date, just don't make it a habit to reply late. Congrads!

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  • Showing that you care about what someone thinks is not desperate, it is welcomed and preferred. The drafted text has no factor since it was nullified by you correcting it. People miss texts or are delayed by external factors to reply. All you really need to do is say something like, "sorry I didn't get back to you sooner" or "sorry for the late reply". If he asks what happened, tell the truth.

    • Thank you! Very helpful post. I love it when guys help me on these things. They're like the brothers I've never had. :)

  • tell him the truth might as well if he's a good guy he will be OK with it and bring up the date or you can say that you have been busy at work to text and bring up the date hope all goes well

    help me with my question

    • Thanks! Just answered your question! :)

  • Better late than never.

    • A very good motto, indeed. Thanks for the reminder :)

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  • Just tell him the truth am sure he will understand and yeah if things were going well and you didn't text after he might be confused as to why you left him hanging or in the worst of cases he might think you are no longer interested

  • Unless he goes to bed super early, then it's probably fine to text him tonight. Just say that you're sorry, your phone died and ask if you're still on for Thursday.

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