Texted him a very pointed question, and he didn't care to reply..

Is he maybe avoiding me..when I met the last time, which was 4 days ago, it was pretty amazing. We really connected and kissed by the end of the night. He even called me after to simply chat on the phone (although I did text first)..and he leaves town tomorrow so I texted him today asked if he maybe had something to smoke that I could borrow or buy from him, and its been over 3 hours and he hasn't replied. I highly doubt he missed the text.. Does he think I'm being needy or might he be genuinely busy?


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  • It could be anything. Could be he is busy. Could be he didn't see the message. Could be he tried to hit up some friends for some smoke.

    Don't make assumptions, especially when your tendency is to jump to the worst possible case scenario and assume it's true.


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  • Hey, if he's leaving tomorrow, he's probably not checking messages a lot except for things related to his travel!

  • You are coming across needy by getting upset at a text that hasn't been responded to.


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