Guys, what would you do if your girlfriend acted distant suddenly?

We had a great time at homecoming and now I'm trying out this plan where I stop texting, making plans, and I even act distant when I'm with him. (It's because he makes me feel like he doesn't care by never texting or making plans when he should as my boyfriend, and yes, I have talked to him already.)

Anyway, he already knows something is up, do you think he'll ask me what's wrong?


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  • You are advertising that you have another guy, and it is time for the guy to break up. Those actions speak that you are already gone and cheated, so there is nothing to fight over. Have a good life.

    If you are hurt by missed expectations, you should evaluate if he has real reasons like busy doing other stuff, a more care free lets not plan anything attitude or any number of other things. Then you should communicate with him by asking questions, and maybe set new expectations for each other. Not talking is not how a relationship works, and he would have no clue what was the matter.


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  • Playing games like this is a bad idea if you want to keep him, QA.

    I see you talked to him about this already.

    How did he respond to you when you told him about how you feel he doesn't put in enough effort to talk to you and make plans?

    • He says he will change it, and yes, maybe he will try just once and he'll text me first. But I can't remember the last time he made a plan with me. He also does things that hurt me, like he'll leave when he really doesn't have to or he'll be openly awkward about PDA, or on occasions he's even said intentionally hurtful things to me that I told him in confidence.

      I talk to him about it, and he changes for a moment and knows it annoys me, but changes.

  • I don't play games unless they're on a big screen

  • Break up with her.

    • You wouldn't fight for the girl you like/Love?

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    • THATS why I'm dong it. because love IS a two way street. but I'm always pulling the share and he sits back and doesn't do a damn thing..

    • That's your perogative. But every single guy has told you that playing this sort of game will make him break up with you.

      So go ahead and do it, if you really want to.

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