Did he meet someone else? How do I find out what happened?

I have been seeing a guy from out of town. We text a couple times a week and I usually let him initiate the conversation or get togethers because I don't want to seem clingy. He text me on Monday Sept. 10th asking if I wanted to meet up with him on a business trip. Since it was 4 hours away I had to decline but offered a different date. He said that sounded fun but he was visiting family that weekend. Then all of a sudden no texts for over a week. Then I get one on Friday night but more of a friendly "hi, congratulations on your new account" (we work for same company) So the next day I just said Thanks! How do I find out if he has met someone else? Not sure what happened he was all about me? I was not the one pursuing he was, now I feel like to one left feeling dumped.


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  • Take it easy. He may have taken that as a rejection. You may want to ask him out on a weekend or after work.

    • I thought about that, so the next day when I answered him back I asked about a different weekend but he had plans with his brother from out of state. His texts ended after he left for his trip.

      The bottom line is I would love to see him when I visit for business in 10 days. But if he is not interested I don't want to look like a dork because we run into each other for our work conferences 1-2 x a year.

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