He has a girl but I can see that if I said how I feel he would want me?

Does this ever happen, I really believe he would choose me over her over and over. I know he cares for her but I think me and him are way more compatible. Even she can see what he's like when I'm around. He's not like that around her, she's more of a habit. It eats me up inside when I see him stood next to her. They are noit affectionate with each other. I can picture me and him being so affectionate and I know he likes me as he told my sister. If I told him how I felt I think he would be my boyfriend. Its been a year and I still feel nervous when I see him and he is the same around me. He becomes fidgety and his friends laugh when I'm around as they can see a change in their friend. I am just shy, but now I'm worried he has lost interest altogether. I've liked him a year but I've been preoccupied with guys I've dated, and I had a boyfriend not so long ago but it ended. I'm not saying that's the only reason I want to make the effort with the guy, as he's been on my mind when I've been dating and when I was with my boyfriend. He's in my heart and I feel a connection when I see him. Its pretty rare to find so I just hope that he understands that I've just been so caught up with the wrong people and now I've realized why it didn't work with anyone else as he's the only guy I think I could see myself with. The spiritual connection and feeling I get around him is pretty amazing! When he's around I'm numb and scared to trip up! I know for sure he likes me as he made so much effort to talk and get close to me. I've not seen him for three weeks, he's not around much anymore :( I am overly sad! An I just wish he knew how I felt the same way he does. What can I do to prove to this guy that I'm worth being with! I think he would have me in a heartbeat ?


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  • He's trying to have both of you at once forget about him.