Guys when you like a girl why don't you?

What are the reasons you don't call or text a girl you like. Or if you do she initiates and its one or two word answers? and then you stop completely texting?

Please tell me I need to know because I am in this situation.


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  • Losing interest, but not willing to tell the woman, face to face. Or even a phone call. It could be there wasn't a connection on his end, and wants to move on. The silent treatment is a guy's way of avoiding drama. Enough women cause drama over a breakup that it makes many guys wary.


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  • are you sure he likes you?

    hes probably nervous if he just met you recently.

    i remember one time I asked for a girl's number, and I had the phone in my had and the number dialed in but I just couldn't make myself push the call button because I was so nervous.

    texting? that's easy... so idk.

    • I'm pretty positive he makes eye contact constantly, smiles, hugs me full body tight, makes long convos when we are together, faces me when we talk etc..

  • Well, I first ask myself "Since when did you like people?". I then shrug my shoulders, grab some crisps and continue watching re-runs of Mock the Week :P


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