I like this guy and I think he likes me, what do I do?

so I'm 22 and this guy is 23 and he acts like he likes me, always smiles at me sits the way I do exc. He gave me his number 5 days ago and told me to text him, so I did and we texted for 45 then he didn't text me for 2 days the next time I talked to him was after our actng class and we had an amazing time chatting, I told him we should hangout sometime and he said OK yeah. we are both pretty unexperienced with the opposite gender, but I'm sure I'm giving him all the signals. if he likes me I would think he would text me first some of the time, but I could be wrong. he told me I was " pretty cool" . do you think he likes me? and if so how can I let him no I like him and no for sure he likes me? and how could I text him first without sounding weird or clingy? we see each other once a week for an acting class


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  • You're exactly right, he should text you first sometimes if he's interested. With that being said, continue giving him all the right signals, but only if he reciprocates. Flirt, touch, smile, ask personal questions, and make eye contact to show your interest. Personally, I think that you should not text him right now, unless of course he texts you. Wait until you see him in class to talk to him, because it's more personal and appears less clingy. After you have made your interest clear, the end result is on him.


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