She postponed the date because family was staying over

I had a first date scheduled with a girl, but she postponed it for a week because her brother was coming from out of town and was staying in her apartment for the weekend. Anything to read into this? I'm supposed to be pick her up from her apartment for the date. Maybe she's not 100% comfortable with me yet, even though I've known her for a couple years.


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  • No, if her brother (who is probably very close with her) is visiting, she'd obviously want to spend the time with him and not burn it up explaining the who, what, when, where and how of recent dating activities. Brothers don't necessarily hand;e that info very well.

  • She may want to have her apartment free for sexy time after the date, So if her brother is there, that just makes it not appealing.

    • hehe, that's what I was hoping.

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