Girls, what do you think of this date?

It's a first date and we're in college. We do not have a car on campus and we could take a bus to the city, but we only talked for maybe 5 min before I got her number so it might be good to just stay on campus to avoid awkwardness on the bus if we don't click well.

So we're stuck on campus. I was thinking about taking her out to dinner, and then if things go well then we could just go for a walk. To me that sounds super boring :/ I normally like to take people out somewhere cool but without a car it isn't an option.

So girls, would a cool dinner and a walk be a good first date? (assuming good conversation)


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What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds good to me. But if dinner doesn't go well, don't push the walk afterward. Just walk her back to her dorm, say goodnight and leave it at that.


What Guys Said 1

  • Whether a first date goes well or not depends on your chemistry, not where you go.

    • I'm just worried that even if our chemistry is amazing, she might be bored with just dinner. That wouldn't be a good start :/

    • Dude, if the chemistry is amazing the date could be anywhere. Don't worry about impressing her with the amazing plans you have. Get to know her. Flirt. Either you two are into each other or you're not.

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