Would you date a friend or famlily member ex?

I use to date this girl over 5 years ago.

During the time her sister and I got close.

She told her sister its her choice and she can do what she wants to do.

I want to know would any of you do it?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Absolutely not.

    Girls constantly say things they don't mean. If my friend/family member dated someone (even if it was for a week), I wouldn't date them because I know it would hurt my friend/family member. Basically, if she likes/liked him, they're off limits to me.

    I've had bad experiences with my friends boyfriends, exs, and crushes asking me out. No matter what, I could never go out with any of them because even if she said "It's totally fine, you can do whatever you want, it's your choice." I know that in actuality it would bug her and put a strain on our friendship.

    • so you just contradicted yourself. you just said that girls say what they don't mean. so does that mean that you really would date him?

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    • but if you're with someone else, why does it matter? they're not yours anymore!

    • Why ask a question if you're only open to one answer? All I'm saying is I wouldn't do it. There's too many people in this world for me to go out with a friend/sister's ex, especially if I know it'll cause conflicts. You may have friends or family who wouldn't care, but I know the people in my life well enough to know it'll cause unnecessary conflict.

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What Girls Said 8

  • When a girl says something is okay and you know in most cases doing that something wouldn't be okay, then don't do it. A girl will say do what you want but it means,"if you do that thing I'm saying okay to, I will make your life miserable until you realize I meant NO!"

    • then why would she tell its OK if all she wants is revenge?

    • She doesn't want revenge, she probably wants to say no, but thinks doing so will make her look like she still wants you back.

  • I really try not to. It could ruin the relationship you have with that person, and depending on things, I probably wouldn't like to see a family member or a friend do that to me either. The only other thing is, you can't help who you fall for. The heart wants what the heart wants

    • I can agree with that. I believe that we'd all try not to. But if the heart wants what it wants then its a go. right?

    • Yeah I guess..

  • Yes, I would date a friend (best). I would just need to build confidence to find out if they feel the same way and ask them out! As everyone says, me and this guy are like practically a couple when we are just best friends when sometimes I feel there is more on our minds as on the lines of starting to like each other!

  • I wouldn't date a family member ex or an friend ex as you are meant to support your friend not let them down.

    • even if your friend moved on to another relationship and you liked the guy?

    • Yes even if he moved to another relationship and if I liked the guy

  • NO that is so trifling

    • so whar if you're attracted to one another?

  • no no never

    • so what if you liked him first but, she got with him? they broke up years ago and now she's married. would you then?

    • doesn't matter unless I don't like her and don't wanna be friends with her ever again, girls has this thing when it comes to exes doest matter if she is married to someone else she will still see it as steal HER ex. if I liked him first I would call her out on moving in on him or I wouldn't care at all since he picked her over me anyway

  • Definitely not if it was a family member. Maybe if it was a friend who I wasn't close to.

    • ok so I see that you're somewhat on board but totally there.

  • Not family but maybe a friends ex

    • what if they gave you the go sign

    • there is no such thing as a go sign in this case,there will be hurt feelings anyway and there will be jealousy

    • what if you and the guy had feelings for each other? the more you try to deny having those feelings they get stronger. would you do it then?

What Guys Said 5

  • I would date a friend or family members ex, depending on how long the relationship had been over. I am not going to lose out on a possible great relationship, because this person dated a friend or family member 5 or more years ago. I have seen friends of mine pass on someone that was a great match for them, simply because that person had been involved with a friend of theirs.

    If you are involved in a relationship, why would you have a problem with an ex dating someone you know and are friends with? I know people that have been married for years, and get upset when they see an ex with someone else and have see some of them get into arguments and fights with the ex's new guy/girl. How crazy is that, I want to know how they explained that to the spouse when they got home.

    One of the stupidest things I have seen, was a women turn down a guy because her bff had dated this guy in high school. Her bff was married and had kids and had been out of high school, for 15 years.

    • great point of view that's what I'm talking about.

  • never ends well my friend.

    • but, why should you let someone else cost you your happiness?

  • yes, definitely

  • It depends, but I would talk to both of them first

    • that's a good thing to do. If they so its OK then you'll do it. right?

    • Yeah, I'll talk to both of them at the same time, so that they can talk to each other. If they both agree, then it's a green light :)

  • Yeah, I wouldn't have a problem with it. The ex is an ex for a reason. It clearly didn't work out, and if their friend or family member and I were attracted with one another then why not.

    When I was in 11th grade I was talking to this one girl. Let's call her girl A. Nothing to serious and I made the mistake of waiting too long and she ended up moving on and getting a boyfriend. A year later I ended up dating her cousin. Let's call her girl B. I didn't know they were cousins... despite having the same last name. Her cousin ended up cheating on me and couple years later... I had a small fling with girl A. Through-out this time I was still close to my ex's family and still am today. I'll go over there Saturdays and Sundays to watch some college and pro football. Through this time I found out that girl B younger sister likes me. Let's call her girl C. So, girl B's dad and girl C's dad are the same, but they have different moms. Girl C's mom would actually like to see her daughter and I get together... and I don't know how the mutual dad would feel... but I don't think he would mind since he has 3 daughters and he has stated that he sees me as a son anyways... I, as of right now, don't have any feelings towards girl C, but if they ever developed, I'm not going to let my ex get in the way of us getting together.

    So, in short, yes I would. If I like someone, then I'm not going to let anything get in the way of that, as long as they like me back of course. My ex are exs for a reason, so I couldn't care less what they have to say, and if they still care about me... like some exs do since some exs you never lose feelings for, won't get in the way of you dating their friend or family member because they should want to see you happy. If they don't want to see you happy, then they should at least want to see their family member or friend happy. And if I happen to make them happy then so be it.

    Now, I know the popular answer... especially among girls... is that they would never do that... some say it for political correctness reasons, others just have that weird code of friends and family members being off-limits.

    • go head player do your thang. the women don't really know what they want they say one thing but, mean another.

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