Met girl online, things went great/amazing...

Ok so we started talking online. I messaged her and about a week later she messaged back and things got offline in just a few hours. Went on first date in just a few days later. Started hanging out very few days. She made all the first moves from the kiss to ... You know lol I really liked this girl and things went great to me. Felt a real connection. First date was just us and after that I made sure she knew her baby was welcome and so she brought her too. But one day I was having a bit emotional day and I knew I was so I didn't want to say anything, she was hanging out with a guy friend while I was at work and it was bothering me. It's not who I am, I'm not a jealous person at all! Well she knew something was up and asked me what was wrong. I told her nothing, didn't buy it all. So I said I was just over thinking stuff, she wouldn't let it be so I told her. I'm not the type to lie or make up some bs. Well she got really offended because she had already told me he is just a friend and nothing more. Well I got her some flowers and apologized and explained its not me at all. Thought things were OK. But around 5 days later se said se just wanted to be friends, that she wasn't ready to date yet. It was to much with work and a baby right now. But I really like her and don't wasn't to just give up so easily. Any thoughts?


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