Text decoding, guys what do you think?

This guy and I hung out at a party, he smiled a lot and looked like he was interested in me. The next day he messaged me on fb so then I messaged him and he never wrote back... what does this mean, it's kinda awkward at school


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  • Depends what you messaged him, if he was on chat at the time or what. Go say hi to him in person see what he says.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think he might've not seen your message or he's been busy..So maybe you should wait a couple days and inbox him again, hey how's everything going? Give him time to reply, if he doesn't ever reply. Just forget about him and move on. Or either, at school, just approach him and say hi. Try to have a convo, if none of this works. At least you know you've given it a go. Good luck. :)


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