How would you act if you lived near someone you kissed/hooked-up with one night?

If you were living near to someone you had hooked up with one night, how would you act next time you saw them? Like you live near enough that you will certainly see them again, how would you personally act towards them?

  • Ignore them, or at least try to avoid them
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  • Would still talk, but it would be awkward/ rather not
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  • Would act however I did before the hook-up, as though it hadn't happened
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  • I'd be more friendly/flirty towards them
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Most Helpful Guy

  • This MAY sound crazy, but I would THINK because it's obvious you guys are physically attracted to each other, you would try and get together again more often.

    • Haha, good point :P it was a drunken thing with someone I don't really know, but lives pretty much in my flat...just kinda wondering other people's reactions to this, like where the majority stands :)

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  • I'd Smile and wave, that way they know there's nothing to be embarrassed about, that makes people feel Reeeally good about themselves.


What Girls Said 1

  • Happened before, and I just acted normal. No reason to be awkward unless the person was someone you have/had a complicated relationship with. I just treat them as a friend.