How many dates till you can become boyfriend and girlfriend?

So I'm not trying to rush it but I really haven't dated like this before. With HS, you just get together and hangout then become boyfriend and girlfriend when they ask you. But right now we've gone on 3 dates. First: Starbucks. Second: He took me to dinner. Third: Went to his house to watch a movie. (put his arm around me and at the end I got a kiss ) so I just have no idea how this works haha!


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  • there is no set time but if he told you he isn't looking for a relationship you probably won't get one. otherwise just go with it for awhile and watch his behavior eventually one of you has to bring it up but if it's been a month of continuous talking and dating and you haven't spoken about it I think you should have the where is this going talk.

    also I wouldn't advise sleeping with him until you know where it's going

    • Thank you! :) yeah he never said he wasn't, a month is a good time frame!

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  • Why do you have to label it? Just enjoy the moments

    • Because some people date other people on the side. I don't want to just be someone you go out with forever. (which happened to my friend)

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    • OK I'm giving up now, another Anonymous troll

    • Hahaha okay :P thanks for somewhat answering my question!

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