How much should I text her? Does she like me?

So got this girls number and we have texted a bit. She lost her phone the other day but when she found it she told, through text, that she found it. She says that she enjoys texting me, well more said that you are fun to text as well. In person we don't talk as much as I would like cause another guy is always flirting with her but we have our moments. I do on occasion catch her glancing over at me and most the time she looks away fast but sometimes she stares at me and waits for me to look over. When I do look over she makes faces at me and I usually do for a bit but then just smile at her and she laughs then looks away. Today we played the human knot in youth group, involves holding hands and getting uncomfortably close to people, her and I ended up being paired up but we were mixed with 13 other people who also had to unwrap themselves. I don't know if there is any significance to how we held hands but it wasn't interlocked fingers but more hands enclosed around each others. Are there any signs I should watch for? She is also the hyper type and is either joking or serious when she says 'i didn't take my pills today'.


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  • She's definitely interested in something. Did she flirt back with the guy who is always flirting with her? If so, it means one of two things. A she is either on the fence about how she feels. She may have feelings for you, but not sure if she wants to take the plunge. Or B she likes attention. The whole youth group thing forget about it, that doesn't really mean much, except that you have something in common. The fact that she is looking at you and then turns away is a good sign, especially if she is smiling at you before she turns away. I would text her but, have a reason behind the text and limit how often you do, that way, you'll have more to talk about when you see each other in person.


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