s she playing hard to get? How long should I wait to talk to her again?

So I met this awesome girl over the summer and we had a lot of fun hanging out together. We've hooked up most of the summer and she wouldn't stop texting me when we first got back to university (not complaining, but just giving a little info). All of a sudden she stops texting as much and now it feels like every time I want to talk to her, I'm initiating it. We have a lot of mutual friends and she asked them how I felt about her. I don't really talk about us in front of them so they just assumed I didn't care and that's what they told her. She stopped talking to me for a bit and from what her friends told me resigned herself to get back with her ex boyfriend who she broke up with because of me. I found out about it and talked to her and now we talk more often, but not like how it used to be. I fb messaged her the other day to hang out but its been two days and she still hasn't responded. What should I do from here? Is she playing hard to get? How long should I wait to talk to her again? Thanks in advance!


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  • Dude...you need to stop messing around. You sent her a fb message asking to "hang out". Really?Forget the hanging out...thats what friends,and kids who are dating do. You need to man up, and take her out on real dates. Go have a good time. She's probably been waiting for you to show some maturity and ask her out on a date. Call her on the phone! You're killin me!

    She's not playing hard to get...she's just waiting for you to get a clue...and then start acting like you have a clue.

    • She pulled away cause I didn't have the balls to tell her how I actually felt. She broke up with her Boyfriend because she wanted me and that's what she's gonna get. Thanks for pulling my head out of my ass.

    • Glad I could help. Thanks for BEST answer vote. Whatever you do...don't tell her how you feel. Girls get that way too often from every other guy they meet. Be different. Stand out. Instead, show girls how you feel about them by treating them very well. Be a gentleman..be classy. For the love of God...please don't tell her how you feel. Save that for when you're proposing...or on your death bed.

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  • I think its sad when people ask around about another persons intention,instead they should ask the person themselves,like in your case,she assumed you didn't like her because she asked around which caused her to react in a negative way,going back to her ex...

    I don't think there is anything else you can do especially if she is back with him.


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  • I am facing quite similar situation also, but I think I should give her some time alone till she contact me first because I don't want to be the first one to mess up things and come off as a creeper or needy. you should give her time also to miss you whether it takes weeks, or months because she should realize that you have standards also so good luck ^_^


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