Nervous about my date tomorrow

It's with a girl I've known for a couple years. It's my second ever date, first with her, so I'm inexperienced. She has a lot of experience and I don't think she cares about the date that much. I've tried not to, but as the day has come closer, I've gotten a little nervous. I still have to get her address, so now I'm worried that when I ask for her, she'll change her mind. Any tips for me?


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  • Its natural insticnt to get excited for a date for anybody. Just remember though as somebody mentioned to me along time ago, "Dont worry about if she is in to you or not. Just worry about how can you have a good time with this lady on this particular night. A lot of men may be trying to focus on possible signs that we think woman may give off to see she's interested, the man might actually ignore the woman herself. During a date I had I caught myself falling into that pithole but got back out of it. Also you sort of want to control the date as well. Don't wait for her to suggest something or do something, do it yourself. If your going out to eat maybe be like hey lets go get some desert here because their ice cream is great. Also know when to end the date is important. As much as you would want to drag it out and spend the most time with her as you can, dont. Let the date last for an hour or two and end YOURSELF. If you feel like the the conversations are dying and your struggling to find something, definitely end the date and take her home...HOpe some of this helps for you. Just remember, first dates arre nerve racking for both parties no matter the experience levels. I still get nervous and gone on many of dates...


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  • I was nervous for an unofficial date with this guy so I just spent a lot of time on what I was gonna look like (my hair and outfit). I spent enough time on myself that I felt confident and drop-dead gorgeous. So maybe just spend time yourself and dress in whatever makes you feel desirable. When you feel good, you feel confident and then everyone around you will know that you're confident =)

    It helped me a lot, I hope this helps you too =)

  • Its normal to feel nervous.

    But trust me, has the time progresses (during your date), you'll be thinking less about your nerves and at the fact that you're enjoying yourself.

    Just ask her for her address.

    If she changes her mind about the date then,

    -She was probably never interested in you to begin with


    -Something came up and you two can reschedule (no biggy).

    The only tip I have for you is to make sure you aren't the only one showing interest.

    (You stated that she probably doesn't care too much about the date), that's not really a good sign.

    You want a relationship, not someone to waste your time.

    Just take a deep breath, and enjoy yourself tomorrow.

    • well, for some reason, I can't get it out of my mind that I'm the only party interested and she's just doing this one date as a favor. For some reason, it feels like that. Should I cancel, then, if I feel it's so lopsided?

    • No, go on the date because maybe its just all in your head. If during the date you feel as if she has no interest in you then you know the date wasn't successful and then better luck with someone else.

  • Relax baby, everything is going to go great. If she accepted the date it's because she's interested. If she wasn't she would have made up an excuse to not see you. lol Just remember to always smile. Smiling makes you look more attractive, confident, and approachable. Be yourself, and don't worry so much.

    Remember: CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE! Women love, love, love a confident man!

    Good luck :)


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  • Just man up. It will be cool. Just call her and say something like " I am going to come by and pick you up at x. Does that work.". Once you work the time out just ask for her address.

    Do not ask what she wants to do, you figure that out. Then you can say do you like Italian or whatever, if she does Great, take her to where ever you planned. If she doesn't have a back up. But you plan the evening, don't make her do it

    And just have fun. It's all good!

  • You should ask for her address soon. As creepy as it sounds, practice getting to her address once before the date. Forget about what this girl thinks. Do the date and be done. You should realize she's just practice for the hundreds of other women you're gonna have.


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