What is with this guy all of a sudden?

Okay, so I used to work with this guy and I had a crush on him and he knew about it. And he told me that he kind of liked me back but we needed to hang out more. Anyway, he got fired, and we suddenly stopped talking. I texted him but it was a short conversation so I figured that he was over me and I left him alone.

But then today, like almost a month later I check my phone after class to see that he texted me. And he NEVER texts me first. And so j texted him back and we started talking. He's been seriously flirting with me and said that he wants to see me and wants to make plans to hang out. So what is with this? It's kind of out of nowhere and. I'm confused. Does he suddenly like me again or what?


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  • I think he likes you now since he probably has more time on his hands to think about things. But why wait a month? I think he did that because he probably was trying to talk to other girls that didn't want him so he wants to see if things can work out with you. You should only go on a date with him only if you want to. He did wait a while. So just hang out with him to see if that spark is still their or not.


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