Younger men and older women?

I've seen questions about Older men dating younger girls but haven't seen any about Younger men dating older women.

I am personally curious about a friends with benefits arrangement with a 33-43 year old female. However, I don't see myself dating one like a boyfriend/girlfriend.

What do you girls and guys think?


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  • older women are hot! if you can get it going, then go for it. they are often a lot more mature and can be a lot of fun. it's thrilling. it probably won't work out in the long term... don't get your hopes up because she'll probably look on you more as an interesting delicacy than as a proper partner. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe there will be some long lasting affection and friendship.

    If someone older wants you, give it a try. I'll bet you'll have fun. Just don't let your feelings get hurt if she looses interest in you after awhile.


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  • 33-34 gap...? That's like a HUGE gap, lmfaooo. And I dunno.. it's based on your preference I guess... I was just crushing on a guy who's 5 years older than me.. But I can't see myself dating anyone who's 10 years older.. But that's just me and my thoughts on that could change..

    • lol oh well you are 17 and I am 21))

      I've never seen myself even asking this question lol

    • Lmfaoo, no I know. That's what I'm saying! I'm not saying that I would never date someone who was so much older, because I never know who I'll meet, you know?

      But if you're attracted to this woman and she seems to be interested, go for it! It's your life and no one else's.

      No one liked the idea of me dating a 22 year old but if he was interested I would've definitely gone for it and I talked to him about it. Unfortunately, he thinks of me as family and nothing more. But this could be different

What Guys Said 1

  • p**** ages like bread not wine


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