Text Conversation. Did I over react?

My boyfriend and I were having a conversation about me wanting to stop lying to my mother regarding my whereabouts , since she isn't too fond of him. We are both adults but he understands the dynamics of my family.

Anyway, he said "I think we should stop. I mean getting in trouble". I replied, "so stop seeing each other?"

He replied "yeah sorry"

Me: "wow"

He replied: "no. not seeing. Sorry I read wrong. No babe. What I meant to say is that me not keeping you so late when I see you"

...and I went off.

And he just apologized for disappointing me and I went on to reply that he hurt my feelings and he never responded.

Did he try to end it in an indirect manner or should I call him and apologize for overreacting? Keep in mind, this is a new relationship.


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  • Um. Yeah, you overreacted. He wasn't breaking up with you.

    • I understand what you mean completely. The thing that does throw me off is how could he have possibly misread "So stop seeing each other?" and responded with a "yeah sorry."

      I feel like he was 1.) letting me to react to break it up myself 2.) see how I would react .

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    • because when you are hanging out you are "seeing each other" in person.. You definitely over reacted.. He apologized and corrected his mistake, and he only said that because he didn't want to keep getting you in trouble or upsetting your family. And you went off because he made a mistake. I wold apoligize to him for over reacting, and just explain why it upset you and what not.

    • you are right...

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  • You are a drama seeker. You know what he meant but you want your slice of drama.



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  • I don't think you overreacted, you're both adults and it's your own life, your parents can't control that.

    I'd be angry with my boyfriend as well if he said that, he should want to spend more time not less, he should tell your parents that he loves you and that your going to be spending as much time together as possible.

    In my opinion at least.


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