Was I wrong to cut him out of my life?

Met this guy and we hit it off amazingly well. He had just got out of a long-term relationship- and he was definitely confused at first. When he was with me, he acted so sweet and into me. But I knew he was still hung up on his ex, especially since they all have mutual friends and I can still they still hang out.

He'd always try to play games with me, but we pretty much just got drunk and fooled around every couple months. I wanted to be friends... but he was rebounding.

I got mad months later when he texted me out of the blue for a fool around session. I deleted him off Facebook and told him to stop treating me as a rebound. But not I think of him all the time. He did tell me he didn't want a relationship and he was just having fun. But then he'd say he liked me and send mixed messages.

He hasn't texted me since I cut him out. Did I over-react by cutting him out? I really did just want to be friends, but was pissed he kept trying to play me...

I feel like if I contact him now I will look like I'm into him or something... what to do?


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  • Maybe enough time's passed that he's over his ex, or he's matured enough to want a normal friendship without the drunken fooling around. I don't know I think it depends on the time frame.


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