Have you ever met a partner or friend online?

Have you ever met anyone online? I have this really awesome and cute friend that lives in the same city. The only thing is that we are both reluctant to meet in person even though it will probably go great. What has been the results of your meeting someone online? Any tips? Public places? What should a first meeting or date be like with someone from online?


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  • Well, since I don't get out of my house much, Facebook is my primary resource for picking girls. I don't know if that counts, because I have met a lot the girls in my Facebook in real life, but it's kinda the same thing. I recently asked a girl out that I have never met on Facebook and it ended horribly. Not because of the online aspect, she just turned out to be a total dumb ass. Anyways, to answer your questions, just be cool and open. Be yourself and try to talk about things that interest her as much as they interest you.

    The only difference between an online date and a normal date is that you didn't ask them out in person, and have never met them before. It's not too different, you just have to be careful and pick somewhere to go that doesn't sound sketchy. Definitely take her to a public place, don't take her home unless she suggests something like that.

    good luck man!


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