What would make for a good and unique date in an area with nothing?

There is nothing much to do around these parts. Lake season is over. It is hard to talk while bowling or going to a movie. Everyone goes out to eat...


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  • I live in sort of a rural area as well so I know this problem. Here are my ideas just off the top of my head:

    -Drive in theaters are still popular in rural areas, good choice because you don't have to deal with other people and can still talk if you want.

    -depending on how close you two are, invite over for dinner and movie at home

    - if you don't mind learning, go to a museum

    - find out about any community events going on, and go to one together

    -go for a walk in some place pretty

    -if you don't like dinners, go for coffee or breakfast

    -carnivals maybe?

    -although everyone does do dinner, it's still a good fall back plan. there aren't many people that wouldn't enjoy a restaurant if it means spending time with the person they like

    hope this helped! :]


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  • Use the environment to your advantage if there's anywhere that's green and pretty you guys can have a picnic or something buy her flowers open the doors for her be a gentleman I think every little thing counts from the start until the end of your date it doesn't have to be a perfect place learn how to make whatever place you go beautiful make it memorable for her

  • well...idk where you are..so it's hard to make any real type of suggestions =P but you could go paint ballin or something maybe rock climb hikes bike rides horse back riding camping...anything? lol

    • LOL... Hey girl... We don't know each other, but lets go camping in these remote woods in the Ozarks where we can't hear anyone... Uh huh... :) I hate the bruises myself from paintball wars, and imagine that wouldn't set a good tone either...

    • You'll come off like someone who is trying to kill him.

    • ay, you didn't tell mi anything else but what are some fun dating ideas lol. If you don't know her then of course you're not going to go camping at least not alone with her =P sheesh. She might enjoy paint ballin =P who knows. you can even go horse back riding or something. =/ you don't want to do anything normal soooooooooooooo yeah.=P

  • What about an art lesson

    The skating rink

    Hmmm petting zoo

    Trip to a local farm?


    • Lol. Trip to the farm when everyone liveson a farm? No places for that city type stuff either which is frustrating. There is the options of muddying if we weren't in a drought, and hunting seasons are coming up.

    • Haha I was skeptical on the 'local' farm thing too

      Nature park walk


      Stroll through the farmers market

      The Flea Market?

  • How about a simple walk in the park?


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  • I have issues with this too. Try to find something that you and the girl have in common. My main interest is music and instruments, so I always ask girls to show me their favorite music (if I know they have good taste) and I show them mine. I've spent hours talking and connecting with girls who have good music. I have even taught a few girls to play guitar. Just take something you know you like and are good at and try to find a way to bring a girl into that. Of course, the kind of girls I date may be vastly different from yours.


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