Uh oh, am I not getting a second date?

Well I went out with this girl earlier this week. Things I thought went well. Decent conversations, good laughs, smiles, etc.. after our dinner, she wanted to extend the date by getting ice cream. (I mentioned how it sounded good and she asked if I wanted to go get it then). She thanked for about 5 times for the night and at the end of the date we hugged and said we had a good time and then said goodnight.

From what I described above, should I have gotten a second date?

But I called her today and I didn't get an answer or a response to the voice mail. What is going on? :/


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  • She's not attracted to you? The ice cream wasn't good?

    Haha, no seriously.. things like this happen and it's not your fault. She might have liked your company but didn't think you two clicked in some way.

    Just forget about her - it's not worth the time or energy to think about what you did wrong, simply because you probably did nothing wrong.

    • But I didn't do anything right to get a second date... so that's what I did wrong.

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    • But if she liked me as a friend she would still talk to me. If she wasn't attracted, I don't see why she would continue on the date... I can't keep moving on. I need to find someone but its not working so well :/

    • Look, I have the same problem. My date got cancelled last minute, I'm planning on ignoring the guy and I've learnt from the situation.

      The girl stuck around on the date, because she thought it was polite to do so. Maybe she thought you were to needy. You don't need a girlfriend, ever. And you won't get a girlfriend until you find a person that suits you. So get your game on and start hunting, this one got away.

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  • wait a couple of days..nomore calling though,balls in her court now

  • She was probably busy when you called. 90% of the time when you like someone, you over think everything. From what you described, it doesn't seem like she would refuse a second date.

    • Busy for the call and hasn't found time to call or text back in the past 8 hours?

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  • As someone else said, give her a few days. She might be trying to make sure you aren't whacked and going to call 29 times OR maybe she went to dentist or had to work. By day 3 you will know.