I drunk kissed a girl, help!

I drunk kissed a girl that I know is/was into me. I tried to act normal and text her afterward. She never shows attraction through texting even before I kissed her so I don't know what to do. But I would really like to kiss her again. Should I bring it up, or will she say she doesn't remember?


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  • okay here is what you do (imo):

    1. wait it out a couple of days, then after 2/3 days text her and start a casual conversation

    2. text her casually throughout the day (this is assuming that she is texting you back and not ignoring you lol, obviously), though not right away. wait 10 min - 1.5 hours per text and kep the conversation light. make sure she's talking about herself and getting comfortable

    3. after saying good night or whatever if you've been texting all day, then start another conversation the day after doing the same thing. don't text her on day 3, wait for her to text you and see if she does.

    4. if she does then keep conversation short and NICELY say that you're super busy today and you will talk to her later

    5. day four start another conversation with her but now you want to move onto calling her. so again after a while of talking tell her you're going to the gym or somethign and if it would be cool if you could CALL HER in a couple of hours or whatever

    6. hopefully she says yes, call her around a half hour after you said you would BUT APOLOGIZE and say you got caught up in some things and it slipped your mind

    7. from here you want to talk to her on the phone for a while and MAKE HER LAUGH PLEASE, she needs to become cofortable with you. if she feels like it won't be awkward and she can have fun with you then it'll be super easy to get her to hang out with you.

    8. ask her out to coffee or something and take it on from there.

    answer my question too please! :



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  • instead of just getting another kiss, maybe ask her out. if not pretend your drunk and make out with her then just say what happened the night b4 lol

    seriously? see whr it will lead

  • this is hard to give advice for since we don't really know much more about the girl in question.

    but I probably would wait it out a little bit, and just text her casually. look for small signs in how she acts towards you, any flirtatious behavior to give you hints that she has feelings for you. if nothing really happens, then I would straight up just tell her.

    ORRR. you could text her saying that you're sorry about what happened? and see what she says. if you want to go this route I would probably continue with "the truth is, I do have feelings for you..." and go on from there. realistically, the only way to know for sure if she likes you back is if you bring it up and talk it out with her.

    do you know if she was drunk too? and did she kiss you back? if she says she doesn't remember, the only way that would be alright is if she was drunk. but if she was sober and she "doesn't remember" then she probably doesn't share the feelings :/


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