Decoding some texts. help! :)

The guy I like has recently gone on vacation with his brother to a beach/party town. ever since he left we haven't stopped texting each other and I text him because I'm worried about what he could do there since he's only going with his brother. anyway I tried to be good so I stopped texting him for a day because I thought I was bothering him during his vacation plus I want to give him his space and time with his brother. during the day we didn't talk he told his roommate that in case she talked to me to tell me that he says hi and that made me realize that he did want to talk to me so we started texting each other again and even more than usual. he'd get drunk and still tell me of everything that was going on. anyway I fell asleep last night without replying because his text was a bit dead-ended and I had no idea what to say. I didn't reply today either because I still had no idea what to say. During the afternoon I got this text from him "soo are you still sticking to your statement from last Sunday morning that you were never gonna drink again or are you gonna party tonight :P?"

I took the text as in "i want to know if you're gonna party so I know if I should worry or not while I'm partying over here"

anyway, I told him that I was gonna stay home because I felt a bit sick and that a friend of his had asked me if I wanted to go for coffee later. he knows I find his friend repulsive so his answer was "hahaha that sounds like a date wohoo! where are you two going? give me all the details! :P well, we're going out now. I'm not taking my phone with me. have fun tonight. peeeace :)"

did I decode his first text right? that he just wants to know what I'm up to so he doesn't have to worry? is he jealous?or just wanting to keep the conversation going? I know he probably isn't jealous that his friend asked me for coffee. it almost seems like he's mocking me in his 2nd text.. help!


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  • stop trying to decode sh*t and ask him what you wanna know.

    if he's not down to be honest with you, then you shouldn't be with him, for obvious reasons.

    so just ask him.

    • he's shy as hell and I've asked him a few times what was up. he just freaked out and had no idea what to say. turned red and stuttered and changed the subject quickly :/

    • well then you should tell him you like him first. then he'll be brave enough to admit it too.

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